Introducing Brand Ambassador Keith Beddoe (Surfer) – Married to the Sea
Keith Beddoe Married to The Sea Ambassador

Introducing Brand Ambassador Keith Beddoe (Surfer)

My name is Keith Beddoe, I am 64 years old and have been “Passionate!” about the Ocean since I was 13 years old.
My family always had their annual “Summer Holiday” in Newquay, Cornwall, for as long as I can remember, it was the premier “Family” holiday destination all those years ago. On a late evening visit to Fistral Beach when I was 12 Years old, I was left with a strange yearning to be “At One” with the Ocean, a feeling I could not explain, and did not discuss with my parents at the time.
So you can imagine my total delight when “Mum and Dad” asked, “Would you like to live by the sea”?
The rest is history for me. Within a year I was living in Newquay, and close to the Ocean too. New House, New Location, New School and New friends…. and above all a New Sport…. SURFING.
It did not take me long to adapt, hour after hour in the sea, after school most days, even before school in the long daylight hours of summer, and ALL Day at the week-ends. Even before I was able to drive I was taking “Surf Trips” to France and beyond….. I just could not get enough of the Ocean.
I stayed living in Newquay, and adjusted my live to fit in around Surfing. I now have the “Perfect Job”, I shape surfboards for a living. I am only a one man band, which is good, as I can ditch work for the Ocean whenever the conditions dictate.
My Love of the sea is mainly about the “Freedom” even in these over populated times, you still get that sense of Freedom, the notion that you can go to a beach a talk and surf with like minded people, or just paddle a 100 metres or so to be alone, really intrigues me….. you can have it how ever you like in the Ocean, it is just so big.
My main Gripe about today in the Ocean is the “Disrespect”, many City Dwellers do not understand, they live in crowded environments and bring their “Hurried Mentalities” to the coast with them…. Anger in the Car Park, the Shop and finally the Beach and the Sea….just Chill guys…. it is much better.
As an older guy, I do not BBQ so much…. eating Al Fresco used to appeal, but I no longer enjoy the Warm Beer and Sand in the food scenario, but if I was to have a Beach Barbie, I would invite Old Surfing Friends…. and maybe a couple of Old Surfing Legends….. It is always good to talk about the Good Old days!

My fave place to surf in the UK is Fistral Beach in Newquay, in the summer, I take my board to the beach on the side of my “Dirt Bike” ….more fun….. and less cost.
With all my travels over the past 45 years, “The “Point” at Jeffreys Bay South Africa is my all time favourite place to surf…. the waves are just so good, and the “Respect” in the water is also evident, it is only the Sharks that scare me!
I am always up for a surf…. even more so if the waves are good, and there is nothing better than the drive to the beach knowing you are going to get wet, the “Radio” is always on in my van…. I just like the variation of music, the Oldies and the Newbies all have their place….
I am off to a Desert Island soon…. well sort of, I am going on a surf trip to Siargio Island in the Philippines’…. what 2 items will be the most important?…. Surfboard and Surf Wax….. Duh! You cannot surf without either of these.
Check out Keith’s Surfboards here:

Keith Beddoe Ambassador
Keith Beddoe Ambassador

Keith Beddoe Brand Ambassador
Keith Beddoe Brand Ambassador

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