Introducing Brand Ambassador Marc Hoyle (Instagram Influencer) – Married to the Sea
Marc Hoyle Brand Ambassador

Introducing Brand Ambassador Marc Hoyle (Instagram Influencer)

Who am I?
My name is Marc Hoyle and I’m 26 years young, I grew up at the end of the world in a small town called Newquay where I lived for 24 years. My hobbies include photography, gym, SUPing, writing short stories and playing video games (when i should be writing)

My Job:

I currently work for Apple but have aspirations to be an Actor/Author

What brought be to the Ocean:
The sea has always been a big part of my life, when i decided to move away at 24 there wasn’t a chance i couldn’t live somewhere by the sea. I can’t imagine not looking out my window or being a short walk from the ocean. When i was younger my parents would hammer on about how lucky i was to live by the beach and to have that view and like they said… I always took it for granted until the time came it almost wasn’t there. I’m not a surfer like many of my friends so the sea isn’t to me about catching the biggest and best wave, to me its relaxing, to look out for miles and see nothing. Its the same feeling I get when looking up into the sky on a clear night, to see everything and nothing at the same time.

Top 7 beach guests:

Ok so this is an interesting one and I’m going to really think about this. I feel like my obvious answer would be my friends and family but this is a big opportunity to bring fictional characters and people I look up to a BBQ so I’m going to go for it:

George RR Martin & Tolkin
They could tell tales till the early hours of the morning, and they both are inspiring people to me

Lady Gaga & Ben Howard
They could sing me happily to sleep, I think they both represent the polar opposites of my music taste well.

My Great Grandad,
I only really got to know him better on his death bed and to have the opportunity to get to find out more about how much we had in common would be amazing.

Ok this is getting difficult now… I need 2 more..

Gandalf and Mr Blobby..

Your Love of the Sea:
I love how weird and amazing the animals that live in the ocean are. From sea horses to the giant squids in Japan, have you seen them? if not you need to YouTube it, its as scary as it is amazing.

Your Hate of the Sea:
Jellyfish and how annoyed some surfers get about someone SUPing.

What would you like more of/less of:

I think I can answer both of these together really, I would like to have more time to go in the sea or to even just enjoy sit watching it, I’m finding as I get older that time is going so much faster and sitting and watching the sea is a luxury you rarely get with the expectations put on you. I would like more time to be away from the fast paced world to enjoy its beauty and less people thinking work is more fulfilling then enjoying the planet we are on.
I would also like to see less of people destroying the world we are on. A friend of mine who works on cruise ships told me the other week about how much waste is thrown overboard into the sea and it made me pretty peeved lets just say.. But this is a whole other topic, maybe for another day.

Favourite UK Ocean Location:
Newquay, simple.

Favourite Worldwide Ocean location:
Probably Iceland, while yes the landscape is beautiful the sea is also so different from a lot of places in the world. Its cold and dark but is such a contrast to the sea around most Europe that I find it interesting.

What Tunes are you listening to when you head to the ocean?
I actually have a pretty large music playlist about songs that remind me of being home but a few stand outs are: Ben Howard (i know, cliché) London Grammar, Bastille, Gustavo Santaolalla and James Bay.

What two items would you need for a desert Island trip?
Ok.. so I also thought about this a lot too, I would want a dog because it would be very lonely by myself and i would probably go all ‘Cast Away’ crazy.
The second thing I would want is an iPhone, so I can take pictures and call people just incase I got stuck there for ever.. I guess I would need to charge it… This is a big question..
Maybe I will just go with 2 dogs.

Marc has 49,000 followers on Instagram: beardbobaggins

Marc Hoyle Brand Ambassador
Marc Hoyle Brand Ambassador

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