September 2017 – Married to the Sea

Month: September 2017

Layton Bennett Brand Ambassador Married to the Sea

Introducing brand ambassador Layton Bennett – Photographer, Coastguard, Windsurfer

Layton Bennett (Layts)  Who Are You:  I have a love for the water and have spent my entire life either in it or close to it. I’m a watersports enthusiast who used to be a lot better at windsurfing (my passion) than I am now – although I have to say I’m still not that shabby! […]

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Brand Ambassador Dreya Bennett - Married The Sea

Introducing brand ambassador Dreya Bennett – Glass Artist, World Record Kitesurfer and former Gladiators Champion

Who are you? Dreya Bennett Job title? Glass Artist What brings/brought you to the Ocean? I was born in Africa so I was in a pool or the sea nearly every weekend then my parents moved back to Cornwall when i was 9 and my sister and I saw surfing for the 1st time!!! Your […]

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