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Layton Bennett Brand Ambassador Married to the Sea

Introducing brand ambassador Layton Bennett – Photographer, Coastguard, Windsurfer

Layton Bennett (Layts)  Who Are You:  I have a love for the water and have spent my entire life either in it or close to it. I’m a watersports enthusiast who used to be a lot better at windsurfing (my passion) than I am now – although I have to say I’m still not that shabby! […]

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Brand Ambassador Dreya Bennett - Married The Sea

Introducing brand ambassador Dreya Bennett – Glass Artist, World Record Kitesurfer and former Gladiators Champion

Who are you? Dreya Bennett Job title? Glass Artist What brings/brought you to the Ocean? I was born in Africa so I was in a pool or the sea nearly every weekend then my parents moved back to Cornwall when i was 9 and my sister and I saw surfing for the 1st time!!! Your […]

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Competition: Enter to Win £200 worth of Married to the Sea clothing and accessories

We are going to giveaway £200 worth of Married to the Sea products to one lucky winner in our competition. The winner can choose £200 worth from our product range of their own choice and will have the amazing experience of being fully kitted out, looking good in quality clothing and having true love of […]

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Emily Rose Astbury - brand ambassador Married to the Sea

Introducing brand ambassador Emily Rose Astbury (active sports instructor)

My name is Emily Rose Astbury and I am currently a rock climbing instructor. I’ve always had a love of the ocean, my parents and where I live have played a big part in that. From sailing at a young age to surfing and scuba diving in Cornwall all my life I have been a […]

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Marc Hoyle Brand Ambassador

Introducing Brand Ambassador Marc Hoyle (Instagram Influencer)

Who am I? My name is Marc Hoyle and I’m 26 years young, I grew up at the end of the world in a small town called Newquay where I lived for 24 years. My hobbies include photography, gym, SUPing, writing short stories and playing video games (when i should be writing) My Job: I […]

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Keith Beddoe Married to The Sea Ambassador

Introducing Brand Ambassador Keith Beddoe (Surfer)

My name is Keith Beddoe, I am 64 years old and have been “Passionate!” about the Ocean since I was 13 years old. My family always had their annual “Summer Holiday” in Newquay, Cornwall, for as long as I can remember, it was the premier “Family” holiday destination all those years ago. On a late […]

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